Olivier Tsemo

Appointed Chief Executive in April 2015 . Olivier is a member of the Executive Committee.


From April 2011 until joining SADACCA, Olivier was a mathematics consultant at many LEAs. Before that he was a senior lecturer and researcher in both applied mathematics and mathematics education and then President of the African community of South Yorkshire between 2002 and 2011. Olivier spent the previous five years working as a senior analyst for many energy companies in the city of London.

Relevant skills and contribution to the Board

A deep understanding of the strategic and practical challenges of driving large-scale business and cultural transformation resulting in successful outcomes for all.

Olivier’s experience and implementation of cost transformation and performance improvement programmes provide valuable expertise in transforming SADACCA.

Olivier has a significant experience serving as President of a large community organisation and extensive experience of leading and growing large team of people, delivering transformational change and large educational programmes.

Olivier is a leading figure in the voluntary sectors both locally and nationally. He regularly advises politicians, and is a high-profile contributor in the media, the Parliamentary Review, the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and at national and international conferences.

External appointments

Director of Sadacca Development Company, President of Bantu Leadership.
Telephone: 0114 2753479
email: olivier.tsemo@sadacca.co.uk