What is the function of the library  

The function of the library is to provide a hub where members of the community, can learn from each other, share knowledge, access books, attend workshops and join social groups all which is intended to bring people together.

Why is this library important

  • The library acts as a vessel to preserve our culture. It holds information on the experiences, contributions and journeys of people of African descent. History is usually passed down through generations through word of mouth however it can be forgotten, lost or discarded.  Through books, films and historians people can be reconnected and have a better understanding of historical achievements, resistances and political climates.
  • Within the educational system, the subject of history is taught from the Anglo-Saxon perspective, the library can provide balance as you have the opportunity to see historical events through a different perspective.
  • Within the black community there is a lack of commitment to reading, many have expressed the view that reading isn’t exciting. We aim to change this perception by creating interactive sessions that incorporate role play and games for youngsters which in turn hopefully stimulate them to continue reading further material.
  • Often Black history is usually narrated around Black American history i.e. Rosa parks, The civil rights movement and The black power movement however many people are unaware of the historical events which occurred on British soil. We aim to promote these narratives so people have a more rounded view on Black history.
  • In public libraries there is a shortage of books which represent African or Caribbean people. The library provides a space and resources for those who are interested in learning more.
  • Why buy kamagra when you can borrow. Books can be expensive or discontinued the library makes book accessible to everyone.

What are the aims of the library?

Raising awareness that we exist and our services are open

We aim to make books widely available and accessible to all

We aim to promote authors and celebrate their work

We aim to build our library catalogue of books, DVDs and games

We aim to bring authors, historians, writers to the library

Host events

Create social clubs within the library

How you can help

In order to make a good project great, we need people. We are looking for:

Teachers/ teaching assistants to help create a supplementary school ·         People who have a good understanding of social media
·         People who are willing to do fundraisers or help with fundraising ·         Event organisers
·         Book club hosts ·         Graphic designers
·         Library Ambassadors ·         Activity leaders
·         Admin staff ·         Treasurer