Education and Training

 Our Vision

  • Our vision is to transform S.AD.A.C.C.A as an outstanding provider of targeted learning for the whole African and Caribbean community of Sheffield and surrounding areas.


There are very limited local initiatives which focus on the educational disadvantage of African and Caribbean students in Sheffield. Key areas of concern for African and Caribbean students such as under-achievement, bullying, unemployment, and racial harassment do not appear to be addressed by local organisations. Recent research indicates that a significant number of African and Caribbean parents see Sheffield schools as white institutions with a white dominated curriculum where black children do not necessarily come out with a sense of being black British having received no or very few black role models within the learning context.

The S.A.D.A.C.C.A Learning Centre will provide a creative and cultural hub for the community. It will house first class, specialist teaching and learning environments for learners with varied needs. Facilities such as a library, cafe, gallery, and meeting rooms will foster informal learning opportunities and generate income to ensure that learning is accessible to all.

The S.A.D.A.C.C.A Learning Centre would be the conduit for all activities connected with education, community and training developments to meet the needs of the targeted groups in order to secure outcomes for children and young people, families and community groups. The S.A.D.A.C.C.A Learning Centre would focus upon, develop and implement the following objectives:

  • To provide information sessions for parents on the school curriculum and how they can support their child to succeed
  • To provide monthly drop-in sessions for parents/carers to give guidance and advice on school related matters
  • To provide educational classes for community members – e.g. Literacy, English as an additional language
  • To link with the Sheffield HoLA Project (Home Language Accreditation) to provide courses for home language speakers which are accredited
  • To arrange visits to the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, via existing, well-established networks, to familiarise young people with higher education settings and to raise aspirations
  • To develop links with university mentors as part of the universities’ outreach programmes
  • To develop and establish links with professionals in various occupations to mentor and guide young people
  • To work with parents/carers to raise awareness about career progression routes
  • To provide monthly drop-in sessions for young people to provide personalised careers advice
  • To improve employment skills, including ‘soft skills’ such as behaviour and attributes, to increase the success rate of young people in terms of career progression
  • To encourage more young people to explore setting up their own business by providing training sessions
  • To organise work placements with local businesses and industry
  • To set up or facilitate a mentoring programme for young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion and work closely with primary and secondary schools
  • To plan and facilitate community events – e.g. productions, cultural days, poetry reading, presentation evenings
  • To organise classes to engage communities – e.g. textiles, cooking, isotretinoin, health and well-being for all age groups
  • To plan and deliver essential training to external organisations to establish The S.A.D.A.C.C.A Learning Centre as a training provider in key areas – e.g. Safeguarding, Child Protection, Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (Home Office Accredited Training will deliver these sessions), teaching and learning, developing businesses online; the training will generate income for The S.A.D.A.C.C.A Learning Centre