Cash for Freedom

Together with the African diaspora, we are supporting civic activists and improving civil liberties in Cameroon. Your actions empower us in our mission to improve human rights conditions, increase the capacity of civil society, and engage citizens through technology, utilizing our database of political prisoners, our civic-tech incubator, our mobile applications, campaigns, and much more. We envision a Cameroon where the liberties and human rights of every citizen are honoured.

You can help free prisoners and pressure the government of Cameroon to improve human rights. You can help hold Cameroon’s judiciary accountable and transparent.

If there were ever a time to join us, and help accelerate our mission, it is now. You have the power to support  the oppressed and neglected, and help bring about a brighter, fairer society.  Your support will enable real- impact.

Together, we make a difference for the people of Cameroon. Every contribution, however big or small, makes a difference.

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Who we are

Today in Cameroon, people are imprisoned for simply voicing their opinions. Bantu Leadership for Cameroon empowers a growing global network of outstanding experts, coders, developers, and activists to create a Cameroon where civil liberties are respected. Our technologies will empower Cameroonians to stay informed, voice their beliefs, stand up for their values and organize. Our campaigns raise public awareness and directly pressure the government of Cameroon  to spare lives, release prisoners and stop persecutions.

The global Bantu Leadership for Cameroon community acts on behalf of individuals, their families, and the community of people working for a free Cameroon through technological innovation, online advocacy, and public education. Since 2018, more than 50,000 people from 60 cities worldwide have participated in actions and events sponsored by Bantu Leadership.